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Earthquakes or Water Restrictions Wellington

Emergency Water Tanks

How long can you or your garden survive with out water?

You just might need some Emergency water whether its due to an earthquake or Water restrictions a ready source of tank water can be a life saver either for you or your garden.

It is an anticipation that if Wellington gets a big earthquake, it might result in spending around 80-90 days without water. This kind of water crisis was faced in Christchurch. It required the residents to fetch water from tankers at the end of the street, or else where after streets were cleared of debris to allow their cars to get it. Wellington has had earthquakes before and the effects of those earthquakes are well documented and are similar to the earthquakes in Christchurch.

Ecotank emergency supply tank installation in wellington
How it works? It filters out leaves and fills the tank to its inlet. We can fit a 1st flush which is an extra cost to a standard install.


It’s better to put an emergency water source in place before it happens, you can’t get an insurance after the disaster takes place. Installing an emergency water source is not as expensive as it may sound like. Some people recommend keeping 20 litres for immediate consumption but it is not enough. Assuming a family of four, Wellington Regional Council recommendation is 200 litres per house. This would give you 5o litres covering four days. Which is not a lot. So that’s like 12.5 litres per day.

We can supply and install a 200 litre tank next to your down pipe on level ground for $199 including GST.

(This is a heavily reduced price,  normally it costs approximately $430.00). Check our emergency tank deal here.

This is about the same price as buying the water at the supermarket. The water needs boiling or treating before drinking. If the ground is not levelled, we can put down a concrete tile to level the base for a small extra cost.

We have a limited supply of tanks at this price. You can contact us for a quick installation as they might not last long at this exclusive price. The tanks come complete with child proof lids, hose taps and a level connection to the down pipe within 300mm. We can run piping a lot further for an extra cost.

Call now for your Emergency Water Tank. 04 384 4635

Larger Quantities or Larger Tanks

Only while stocks last  – Call  Now 0800 484 353 for a 200L Tank.

If you need larger tanks for the garden or a larger premises we have an 800 Litre slim line tank and many other sizes and shapes and colours.

Ecotanks showing the two colours green and beige

800 litre water emergency tank wellington
800 litre water emergency tank wellington

Drinking Water in Emergency

There are many solutions to drinking roof water, although there are many buildings which have tank water. If you need the water with less impurities we can install strainers and first flush of the roof before water enters the tank systems.

Water Tank Installation Area

We deliver and install emergency water tanks across Wellington, whether it is in Pukerua Bay or all the way to Upper Hutt. Contact us to know more details about installing emergency water tank in your area.