Under Bench Hot Water Cylinder Remote Sink Commercial Sink

Under Bench Hot Water Cylinders

Are you requiring an under bench hot water cylinder?

Commercial Sink or Remote Sink

Is your Sink along way from the main hot water cylinder?


Do you not have a main hot water cylinder and need hot water at a sink for dishwashing?


You have an office sink and no water heater but want some hot water?

A hot water cylinder is a water storage tank which is used to heat water and store it. A hot water cylinder is used in both commercial as well as residential properties. Hot water cylinder is also known by different names like a heat storage tank, thermal storage tank, hot water tank and more. There are various kinds of hot water cylinders available like electric hot water cylinder, gas hot water cylinder, under bench hot water cylinder and more.

Under bench hot water cylinders are convenient for small spaces. They under bench hot water cylinders produce hot water faster. There are several sizes in which you can get under bench hot water cylinder.

If your main hot water heater is a long way from the sink and you need hot water for dishwashing, then you can install under bench hot water heater. It is installed under the sink and plugs into an electrical outlet. Under bench hot water heater comes in two sizes. There are different models for boiling water. The water heating units come in 5 litre and 10 litre. The water heaters come with their own tapware so you cannot choose your own taps.

This type of hot water installation avoids dead legs and minimises cold water drawer off before getting hot water which is inefficient. The Building Act requires no more than 2 litres before striking hot water.

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