Earthquake and other Disasters

Southern Plumbing are disaster management experts for earthquake and other disasters. If required we can set up the basic needs as mentioned below.

Earthquake PreparationEarthquake and other Disasters

  • First Aid Kit.
  • Phone recharger battery type as there is not likely to be power.
  • Chimney removal and flash roof.
  • Water shut off valve where you can find it.
  • Gas shut off valve where you can turn it off before the leaking gas catches fire.
  • Auto shut off valve for gas if the pipe breaks. Not commonly done, but it is an option.
  • Hot water cylinder secured to wall.
  • Have you got a sheet of polythene for collecting water. And you don’t need to boil the water either. Works at night too, when it’s not raining; it can catch dew.
  • A primus so you can boil the water, and water proof matches or a lighter.
  • Big container for water.
  • We can install large tanks to catch rainwater. In Christchurch, weeks out from the quake a large proportion is still without water.
  • Have you got your next door neighbour’s cell phone number.
  • A hammer and crow bar will be really handy.  And so will a spanner, poly grips, hacksaw, with spare blades of different coarseness and multi screw driver. These tools will get you out of most situations. You will be amazed at what a hacksaw can get through.
  • Tie all heavy items against the shaking caused by earthquake.
  • Supply of earthquake water. Best to install an emergency tank next to a down pipe.
  • Stash a few dozen cans of food and canisters of water somewhere easy to access. If in case, the building fell down you could get them.