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Dripping Taps Wellington

Leaking taps can be a cause for constant irritation and cause an annoying sound but they also waste water. In most of the cases, dripping taps result from worn out or faulty tap washer inside the tap. In certain cases, the water leaks from the mixer nozzle. In this situation, changing tap and washer is the best solution. Occasionally it requires the replacement of the spindle or the whole tap. In some cases the best solution is to upgrade to a lever action tap and they are cheaper over all and come with a guarantee. But if you have a basin or bath tap that requires the matching of tapware replacement can be difficult. Our team at Southern can also help replace a tap washer for your broken tap in Wellington.

A leaking tap can cause more damage than it looks

  • Leaking taps can waste up to 24,000 litres of water in a year. Dripping taps are wasting more water than you can think they do.
  • Paleness or rust on your sink and bathtub. Constant dripping of water on the same spot results in damaging the area. You will start seeing the white color on the sink or bathtub turning yellowish and worse as the days go by.
  • Internal home damage is another result of the leaking tap. The dripping water can splash against walls and floor. This will become a bigger problem in the long run.

Dripping taps myths

  • Leaving taps dripping, wear away the brass seat over a few weeks or months resulting in replacing the tap.
  • Leaving the taps also has other disadvantages. If you have a water meter, it costs money to leave the tap dripping. Sometimes the tap leaking can cost more than the repair.
  • If the tap is a hot tap now you add the energy to that cost too and it becomes a very expensive dripping tap and it leaves a stain on the whiteware also which is hard to get off.
  • Some taps don’t have washers, they need a cartridge replaced to stop the dripping.
  • Sometimes the tap is beyond repair, and the tap needs replacement.

Get your taps repaired quickly and cheap before it costs even more. Southern is Wellington’s tap specialists. We undertake all plumbing services including tap upgrades.

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