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Various models of Dux piping was released in New Zealand. If you are looking for a Dux Qest Wellington replacement company, then you are at the right place.

dux quest plumbing - Dux Qest polybutylene burst pipe in laundry wall Resulted in a call out Easter 2015
Dux Qest polybutylene burst pipe in laundry wall Resulted in a call out Easter 2015

Dux Quest or Dux Qest is one of the oldest plastic plumbing products. It was introduced in the mid-1970s to early 1980s. Dux Quest was a black plastic pipe used for different plumbing services. Almost 40,000 households in New Zealand had Dux Qest as the main plumbing piping.

Within weeks Dux Qest started failing. People complained about faulty piping leaking. Dux Qest was withdrawn from the market after the surge of complaints received. Initially, the acetal fittings, the elbow and tees and joiners failed, and more then the piping is failing.


How to Detect Dux Qest?

Dux Qest is known for splitting or getting pinholes. You can see it under the floor and behind the walls. It is a black plastic pipe with white writing on it. The black piping has Dux Qest written on it. This helps identify the Dux Qest piping easily.

Why Upgrade Dux Qest?

Dux Qest is unreliable and at the end of its life. This small leak can slowly become a huge mess under your floor, ceiling, or walls.

It is important to note that most insurance companies only support the first leak when it comes to Dux Qest after that, it is not an accident its a known problem. We recommend changing the piping as soon as possible. Some customers find out they are not insured against damage caused by the leak if they have had several before.

Why Risk Dux Qest in Your House?

The black piping has Dux Qest printed along the pipe to identify it. If your house was made in the 1970s to 1980s, If you are not sure of the Dux Qest piping in your house, call Southern Plumbing. We will check your house for the piping.

There is a form of Dux piping that is grey and also has Dux Qest printed on it also. And another pipe that has Polytherm printed on it that is also grey and they both have similar problems. Early versions of Buteline which was a brown pipe also fails regularly.

We are available on a 24-hour basis across Wellington. We can also recommend the best piping alternatives for your property. Discuss better quality and budget-friendly alternatives to Dux Qest in Wellington with our experts on 0800 484 353.

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How long should my piping last?

It is covered in the building Act. It states that any pipe that is in a difficult location should last 50 years. I have personally not seen a polybutylene pipe last that long. But to be fair it depends on what is put in the pipes i.e., the quality of the water. How much chlorine does the water supplier put into the water. Chlorine attacks the piping both plastic and copper.


Best Alternatives to Dux Qest

There are several alternative options which we recommend to replace Dux Quest. Our expert plumbers are knowledgeable and only recommend the products they would use in their own home.

How do we replace the piping when its in the walls? – Dux Plumbing Wellington

We choose a new route that minimises removing the gib linings. Some piping  can be run in the ceiling and some an be run under the floor and in the hot water cupboard. Some piping will be visible under the sink and sometimes inside the vanity. This is often an opportunity to replace plumbing fixtures. Some times there is a challenge replacing piping behind baths and shower linings.

We have been in business for almost 40 years. We have replaced Dux Quest piping in a lot of houses in Wellington. Our expert plumbers are experienced in detecting Dux Quest Wellington wide.

Our Dux plumbing Wellington services are available on a 24-hour basis. We can also recommend the best piping alternatives for your property. Discuss best and budget-friendly alternatives with our experts. For dux quest plumbing replacement cost in Wellington, call us on 0800 484 353.