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Are your drains blocked, or do you have a sewer line problem? Call expert Wellington drain unblockers. Our drain unblockers Wellington provide solutions to various drainage problems like sink declogging, sewer repair, unblocking sewage drain, and more. You can call us for emergency drainage services and emergency unblock 24/7 in Wellington. We have a fast emergency response for drain unblocking in Wellington. Our experts can unblock drains and sewage using different drainage tools.

How do I know my drains are blocked?

You may notice kitchen or toilet waste material overflowing outside from a gully dish. Every time sink, shower or basin is used; water overflows or every time the toilet is flushed, water overflows from the drains or starts filling up the toilet. You may also notice that water rises up in the toilet bowl and slowly drains away. In some cases, the toilet ripples or burps as if it is letting air out.

Drain Unblockers Wellington

Why are my drains blocked?

There can be different reasons for blocked drains like broken drains, growth of tree roots, food waste, dirt, toilet paper build-up, and more. Sometimes the drain breaks completely, and the water discharges underground until the solids build up. Dumping baby wipes, wet wipes or diapers can also block the drain or toilet.

Sometimes kid throws their toys in the toilet as well. We have had several toys put down in the toilet such as a tweety bird and his friends. They are very hard to get out of a toilet or a drain. Our machines and tools help in sorting these drainage problems. Our drain unblockers Wellington team can take out any toy or object from those blocked drains.

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Do we have to dig up the drains?

In most cases, we use water blasters or machines down the drain. The water blaster cuts through tree roots, and more. Water blasters are better than a machine, particularly for stormwater drains filled with sand. High-pressure water is a powerful force.

There are some situations where we need to remove the toilet or go down a vent to get access to the drain.

If you are looking for a permanent solution to tree roots then we can dig and replace the section in the area. In rare cases where drains are under buildings, we can run a sleeve under the building inside the old drain. Sometimes it is cheaper to run a new drain around the building. For drain unblockers Wellington, Call Southern today on 0800 484 353.

Gully trap dimensions requirements

Causes of Blocked Drains

By far a majority of blocked drains are caused by broken or cracked drains allowing tree roots to enter and block the drain. It is rare for a foreign object to go down the drain and block it, as it has to pass through the U-bend pan or the Gully Trap, where the waste pipes discharge. Sometimes cans, toys or other materials also block the drain. Ensure grates are on the gully traps to keep these items out. Recently we were called to a drain block where the kids put a motor vehicle oil filter down the gully. Round or cylindrical items are hard to get out and need the drain opened up to get them out. In this case, we got it out with a water blaster.

Emergency Drain Unblockers Wellington

Our drain unblockers Wellington specialise in solving blocked drains and offer good reliable solutions for all your unblocking problems. We have more than 40 years of experience and expertise to assist you with your drain blocks. We will assess and know what causes the blockages and will be able to identify the problem. Our team is committed to providing excellent customer service at all times. You can call us for any emergency blockage problems in Wellington on 0800 484 353.

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Unblocking Drains - Drain Unblockers Wellington

Drain Unblocking Methods Used by Our Wellington Drain Unblockers

There are three methods for unclogging drains:

  • Hand rod
  • Machine worm or cable
  • Industrial water blaster

The unclogging drain methods mentioned above have advantages and disadvantages. They cannot repair a broken drain, they only remove the blocking elements. They may remove the roots temporarily. If the roots keep growing inside the drain pipes, you need to get it replaced. Rodding is cheaper than replacement and can keep a drain last for many years. It could be said it is better to fix it right once.

Storm Water Drains

If stormwater drains are not managed properly, they can become a big problem for houses as well as the nearby areas. If they are not maintained, the drains will start to accumulate leaves, dirt and sand which causes them to clog and become blocked. If the drain is blocked, it is filled with leaves and sand. A water blaster is best for getting sand out of a blocked storm water drain. Water blasters are great for cleaning out sand from storm water drains.

Drain Cameras

Drain cameras are helpful in locating and viewing the state of the drain and the location of the damage. It gives assurance to identify the problem most of the time.

CCTV drain cameras will not fix the drain and will often not see minor cracks, or leaking and broken joints. In some cases, a water test is the only way.

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