Crofton Downs Plumbing Services

Crofton Downs Plumbers

For Crofton Downs Plumbing we are local. We have plumbers working in your area.  We are available for emergency plumbing services in Crofton Downs on a 24-hour basis.

If you have leaking plastic water piping or blocked sinks. We are familiar with tenant and landlord obligations. We install ventilation fans and upgrade water heating. Have you seen the new drawer type laundry tubs. You can store a lot more stuff and it is much easier to access the contents as its all visible.

We are experts in water pipe replacement. We don’t need to remove all the linings we have techniques to run pipes in difficult locations. Don’t wait until you have a burst pipe get us over for a consultation. Costs of replacing piping can be simple in a single level house but more difficult in two story buildings as the pipe is often run between floors to minimise pipe runs.

see our page on converting one house into two flats where a similar problem occurs where the upper hot piping has to be separated from the lower flat hot piping to ensure the hot water is fed by the correct hot water tank.

Our Unique Guarantee, “Your job on time or it’s free”. We ensure that your plumbing job is done on time. We understand when the tradespeople don’t do their job on time or don’t show up on time. This guarantee ensures that your work is completed in time.

Our certified plumbers are experienced in working on all kinds of plumbing jobs. No job is big or small, and not all jobs are the same. Every job requires a different approach to complete it, hence our Crofton Downs plumbers apply plumbing strategies applicable to your particular job.

Crofton Downs Plumbing Services Wellington NZ

Crofton Downs Plumbing Services

Our Crofton Downs plumbing services include a wide range:

Water leak detection and repair
Kitchen plumbing
Hot water
Laundry and laundry tubs
Sink tap leak
Leak detection
Faucet repair and replacement
Shower plumbing
Shower Dome installation and repairs
Bathroom renovation
Bathroom upgrades
Toilet plumbing
And more.

We have experience of more than 35+ years in Crofton Downs. We are also available for emergency plumbing services in Crofton Downs, including repairs for basins, sinks, toilets, showers and laundry plumbing. You can call us at any time for any kind of plumbing. Whether it is a pipe leak, blocked toilet, no hot water, our plumbers can fix any problem even on public holidays. You can call us on 0800 484 353 for free quotes in Wellington.