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Switching from gas to electric systems for cooking, heating, and water heating is not just practical. Today, where the consequences of our energy consumption are increasingly evident, making the shift from gas to electric carries significant environmental benefits. It’s important that this is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but it comprises of a series of meticulous steps and considerations.

Choosing electric over gas is a way to minimize your environmental impact. Each facet of this transition, whether it involves replacing gas stoves with energy-efficient induction hobs, updating gas-powered water heaters with electric alternatives, or opting for electric heat pumps for home heating, plays a vital role in this collective effort.

Efficient Gas-to-Electric Conversions

Switch Gas Cooking to Electric

Switch Gas Water Heating to Electric

Switch Gas Home Heating to Electric

Switching from Gas Cooking to Electric

Replacing gas cooktops with electric ones, such as induction hobs, often necessitates significant electrical upgrades. This may involve running a larger capacity electrical cable from the fuse box to the new hob location. The associated costs can include opening walls, plastering, and painting, especially if there is no existing cable capable of supporting the required amperage. Additionally, a new fuse on the fuse board may be required. In some cases, an electrician may need to assess the entire building’s wiring to ensure it can handle the increased electrical load.

Transitioning from Gas Water Heating to Electric

If you currently use a gas continuous flow water heater, you have the option of installing an electric water heater, either of the storage type or a heat pump water heater. This switch also necessitates running a new power cable to the fuse board and adding a new fuse.

Changing from Gas Home Heating to Electric

When transitioning from gas home heating, which can encompass various systems like gas fires, panel heaters, or gas central heating, many opt for heat pump heating. This change introduces an additional load to the electrical system, requiring the addition of another fuse to the electrical board.

Commonly, heat pumps are installed in living spaces like the lounge or family room, while oil heaters may continue to be used in bedrooms.

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