Convert Gas Stove to Electric

Convert Gas Stove to Electric Wellington

We do gas appliance conversions between Natural Gas, LPG and electricity Wellington Wide. You can convert your gas stove to electric and electric stove to gas easily. Electric stoves need a larger power cable so that can mean installing a larger  power cable depending on what power cable you already have.

Gas To Electric Conversion

Converting a gas stove to electric is not as simple as it looks. The power cable to an electric stove is the largest cable and draw in a house. Some fuse boards do not have enough power to run an electric stove after having a gas stove. Some older homes in Wellington do not have a large enough cable to run an electric stove. It is, therefore, necessary to have a new cable from the the fuse board to have enough power to run an electric stove in those cases.

It is important to check the electrical cabling before buying an electric stove when you have had a gas stove. Newer homes should not be a problem although you may need a cable to the cooker from the fuse board.

Convert Gas Stove to Electric Wellington NZ

Electric To Gas

This conversion needs a gas pipe from the existing piping system to the new gas cooker position. The existing electrical cable will be changed to a hot point for the stove electronics.

Convert Electric To Gas stove Wellington NZ

Natural Gas to LPG

You may be changing to LPG to get rid of the gas meter line charge. Natural gas appliances are not the same as LPG appliances. Some appliances cannot be converted which is something to watch when buying 2nd hand or even new.

Some appliances have conversion kits.

The gas appliance needs to be on the approved database for it to be converted as an approved appliance. Browse approved appliances here.

Our Recommendation

If you want to get rid of the gas meter line charge. Pick a cooker with a gas top and electric oven. Check it has a 10 Amp rating for the oven or less. Then it only needs a standard power point. Use a 9kg LPG bottle to run the top which is best installed outside. The bottle usually lasts 5 months to a year depending on use.

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