Karori Roof Repairs

Map of Karori Roof Repairs in Wellington Call today for urgent roof repairs and roof leaksKarori Roof Repairs

We undertake roof repairs in Karori Wellington and also to repair and install spouting, gutter and down pipe replacements. Our Karori roofing repair includes locating roof leaks, working with copper, PVC, colour steel and decrabond pressed tiles. Repairing lead flashings and galvanised metal flashings on flues for wood burners, and gas appliance flues is a common repair and the repair and installation of ridging and valley flashings. Call us for installation and repair of all types of Marley PVC gutters and down pipes.

Our team have specialist equipment for unblocking downpipes and clearing spouting. Schedule pre-winter annual roof and spouting inspections. We recommend pre-winter roof checkup and maintenance because it becomes harder during winter season to check the roof for damages and problems. These roof checkups also help in keeping an eye on the life expectancy of the roof. If your roof is rusty give us a call. Dont wait till winter to experience a leak and suffer consequential damage to the ceilings call today for an appraisal or getting your roof repaired. You dont always have to replace the whole roof we can replace the roof in sections to fit in to your budget and each year replace several sheets and over time the whole roof is replaced. A common option is a section at a time starting with the worst roof sections.

Karori Roof Leak Location and Working at Heights

Our team of expert roofers are experienced and skilled in locating roof leaks and broken tiles. Our team has been trained at working at heights and we have our own portable scaffolding and rope access equipment. For heights above 2 story or 5m we use purpose built scaffolding and edge protection.

Types of Karori Roof Repairs

We undertake corrugated iron roofing repairs, in galvanized iron, Zinc alume, colour steel and other metals. We manufacture aluminium flashings for windows and skylights. We repair and replace metal spouting, PVC spouting, gutter repairs and down pipes for rain water removal to storm water drains. The repair and install lead flashings ridging for most brands is available call today for and inspection.

Tile Roofing Repairs

A wide range of pressed tiles in various colours and profiles are in stock. If you have any dented tiles we have a solution for most roof tile profiles. Tile Roofs are commonly covered in moss and this can be treated.

We repair tile roofs both Concrete tiles and clay tiles. We can get a range of tile profiles to repair broken tiles. The most common repair is re-mortaring the ridging tiles and water blasting the moss off the tiles and tile moss treatment.

Have you got a Shed that needs Roof and Metal Cladding Repair

There are a lot of garden and tool sheds that need repair. We have a range of metal cladding profiles to redo the exterior.

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