Pukerua Bay Plumbing

Pukerua Bay Plumbing

Pukerua Bay Plumbing

Our first experience in Pukerua Bay was when the suburb had no town water supply and plumbers made galvanised water tanks. Then the water supply went through and we changed homes over from tank water.

Hot Water Cylinders in Pukerua Bay

We have changed many hot water cylinders to gas continuous flow from low pressure and high pressure electric pumps. We can also replace the electric cylinders to the new smart tanks that learn your usage patterns. They don’t heat the water when you don’t need it thus it helps in saving power.

Why Call Us?

We have been plumbing for over 40 years. We offer all kinds of plumbing services. We follow a motto of “Your job on time or it’s free”. We believe if we are unable to provide the services on time, then it is on us.

If you are looking for plumbers in Pukerua Bay then look no further than Southern Plumbing. Our Pukerua Bay plumber services take care of your plumbing requirements. We repair poor water pressure, unblock drains, fix tree root problems, piping and roof leaks. We also work on new jobs such as installing pipe, toilets, hot water systems, tap fittings and more.

To book a job or ask a question, call Southern Plumbing Pukerua Bay now on – 04 237 7097.