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Plumbers Lower Hutt

We have been working in the Lower Hutt area for almost 40 years. We have completed more than 50,000 jobs in the last 10 years in the Wellington region. We offer complete plumbing solutions to all plumbing problems. Our plumbing services range from general plumbing to maintenance for new build homes as well as old homes. If you are building a new house, we can plan your house’s plumbing based on a preventative maintenance plan. We can easily install new taps, toilets, sinks, showers, hot water cylinders, dishwashers, and more. We can also do complete plumbing for laundry and kitchen.

We offer plumbing services in Lower Hutt. If you are looking for a Lower Hutt plumber, then get in touch with us today. Our Lower Hutt plumbers will be on time. Our Plumbing services include fixing weak showers, leaking hot water cylinders, fixing low water pressure, mildew problems, corrosion, leaks, new jobs like pipe installation, toilet installation, hot water cylinder upgrades, and bathroom renovations. To book a job or ask a question about Lower Hutt plumbing services, call our team on – 04 586 8408.

Our plumbers Lower Hutt will fix all your plumbing problems when you need us. Our plumbers are available for all Lower Hutt plumbing emergencies on 24 hours basis. We guarantee “your job on time, or it’s free.” If you have a plumbing emergency, then call our plumbers at Southern Plumbing.

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Some of our Lower Hutt plumbing services include:

Bathroom Renovation Lower Hutt

Our plumbers also offer bathroom renovations in Lower Hutt. We can visit your home, investigate the bathroom plan, understand your bathroom renovation plan and discuss your requirements. Our plumbers can help you turn your old bathroom into a trendy new bathroom with simple bathroom upgrades. We can strip right back to the timber studs, re-gib, plaster, and paint or just refresh the fittings. For a quick bathroom renovation quote, you can check our bathroom renovation checklist.

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Hot Water Cylinder Replacement Lower Hutt

We replace leaking hot water cylinders with electric or gas. We can also upgrade to continuous flow Rinnai or Aber or Bosch gas water heaters or electric Heat Pump hot water heaters.

Piping Replacements Lower Hutt

We upgrade old iron piping, and polybutylene piping to the latest Rifeng Polypropylene water piping and can also improve your shower pressure and shower mixer at the same time if needed.

Emergency Plumber Lower Hutt

Sleep with peace of mind from all the plumbing problems! Call our Lower Hutt emergency plumbers for any kind of plumbing emergency. We are open 24/7, which means we are always available to help you with your plumbing. It is important to consider what the problem is and if it is urgent. Our plumbers will assist you in deciding whether you should consider an emergency call-out or wait until the next day to get the work done during business hours. Note that these situations and solutions may be different. Call us on 0800 484 353.

If you are looking for a quality and professional plumbing service in Lower Hutt, then get in touch with Southern Plumbing on 0800 484 353.