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If you’re looking for certified Karori plumbers then you need Southern Plumbing. Our Karori plumbers cover all your plumbing needs. We repair low water pressure, mildew issues, corrosions, pipe leaks and more. Our Karori plumbing services include bathroom renovations, pipe installation, toilets, hot water cylinders, tap fittings, etc. To book a plumbing job or ask a question, call Southern Plumbing Karori now on – 04 476 9214.

Karori Plumbing Services

Karori is known for a range of older and newer houses. Earthenware pipe drains are common in the older houses. We repair polybutylene pipe leaks and roof leaks. We also install gas water heaters.

We are available on 24-hour basis in Wellington. You can call our Karori plumbers for emergency plumbing services at any time.

Karori Plumbing – Residential Plumbing Services

All residential plumbing services are done by our expert plumbers. We are certified Master Plumbers in Karori. Our plumbers strive to complete your jobs on time. We are a reliable plumbing company in Karori.

Karori Plumbing – Commercial Plumbing Services

Our Karori plumbers are skilled in working on all kinds of commercial plumbing services. Our experience of more than 35 years helps us in completing different jobs perfectly. We have worked on both small and big commercial projects.

Bathrooms Renovation

We do bathroom upgrades across Wellington. Our professional plumbing team helps in planning your bathroom like you want it to be. We can redesign the bathroom completely.

We can also do electrical rewiring, install LED lights and upgrade switchboards. We can renovate your bathroom according to new trends with new technology.

Why Use Southern Plumbing?

We have served over 26,000 clients across Wellington with successful completion of more than 45,000 jobs in the last ten years.

We use GPS to ensure the closest plumber reaches you and to check time worked.

We are familiar with the conditions and style of buildings in Karori and quite often we know the maintenance history of the building from a previous owner. We have worked on a lot of buildings in Karori and replaced miles of polybutylene piping in the newer building.

Our Guarantee

Your Job on Time or it’s Free“. Our unique guarantee ensures that you get your job done on time.

Roofing Repairs

Many houses have corrugated iron roofs or pressed metal tiles which we repair and replace. We have replaced a lot of old clay drain pipes in the older parts of Karori.