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Our Island Bay Plumbers have served over 28,000 clients for whom we have completed more than 59,000  jobs in Wellington in the last 25 years.

We have a fast response team for those irritating emergencies and teams for the bigger plumbing and drainage jobs. Our Guarantee is

Our expert plumbers and drain layers have a lot of experience in a wide range different situations. Island Bay is changing. Newer homes are changing to a town house style smaller sections. Piping is plastic including drains. If your experiencing blockages it is likely you have the older clay drains prone to tree roots and large breaks.

Our plumbing services include drain repairs, pipe leak fix, re-piping drain, installing new pipes, water pipe replacement, dishwasher installation, bathroom renovation, unblock drains and more.

We have replaced lots of the old clay drain pipes in the older parts of Island Bay and have an industrial water blaster to get sand out of the drain which is common in Island Bay storm water drains.

We have replaced and repaired spouting and created soak pits in the sandy parts of Island Bay.

Water Pipe Replacement

If you have a corroded water pipe caused by the salt spray we can replace these with PEX pipe. PEX pipe is much better material which does not rust and is also great for polybutylene replacement.

Contact us for our unlimited hot water supply system. Have you seen the new shower systems and new drawer type vanities to improve lifestyle. Get a reliable water piping system for peace of mind with our new PEX piping systems. Sell your house polybutylene free for added value.

Our plumbers and drainlayers in Island Bay also provide emergency plumbing and drainlaying services.  To book a job or ask a question, call Southern Plumbing Island Bay now on – 04 384 4635.