Khandallah Roof Repairs

Khandallah Roof Repairs Khandallah Roof Repairs Southern Plumbing Wellington

Southern Plumbing undertakes Khandallah roof repairs. We cover a wide range of roofing services in Khandallah like roof repairs, re-roofing, roof replacement, spouting, etc. We work with various material types, such as corrugated iron, concrete and clay tiles, copper, aluminium, pressed tiles from Gerard or Decrabond.

You can rely on us for fixing roof leaks as well. Our expert roofers can work on your damaged roof and provide solutions that are beneficial for your roof for long time. We repair and replace PVC spouting, down pipes and all types of roof flashings including chimney flashings and flue flashings.

We also provide annual roof cleaning and roof maintenance services in Khandallah. You can call us to unblock spouting and arrange for annual spouting clean outs before winter.

High Roof Repairs

Our team of expert roofers work with specialist equipment for safely working at heights using either rope access equipment or scaffolding. We have our own scaffolding for lower height roofs up to 5m high. Repairing roof or replacing roof can be completed by us without any hassle.

Khandallah Gutters, Spouting and Downpipes

Running water from roof comes directly into spouting and gutters. It is important for the spouting and gutters to be clean. There shouldn’t be anything that blocks the water such as leaves, twigs, debris, etc. Blocked gutters and spouting can cause a lot of damage. We install and repair a wide range of spouting and downpipe materials including PVC, copper, and colour steel.

Hard to find leaks

Finding roof leaks can be a little tricky sometimes. Our certified roofers can deal with different situation whether it is easy or difficult. We have a lot of experience at finding hard to find leaks. If you think that your leaks may be from plumbing check out our plumbing leaks page.

If you need roof replacement, roof restoration or re-roofing, our Khandallah roofing repairs have got you covered – 04 476 9214.