Island Bay Roof Repairs

Island Bay Roof Repair Island Bay Roof Repairs Southern Plumbing

Southern Plumbing provides a wide range of services in Wellington. We have been undertaking roof repairs in Island Bay for over 30 years. Our aim is to provide you quality services on time.

Roofing services in Island Bay including new roofing, re-roofing, tile repair, general roofing repairs, moss removal, spouting renewal and maintenance, color consultation and more. Our expert roofers are experienced in both residential roofing as well as commercial roofing.

Metal roofing can take a hit being so close to the sea. We have special colour steel for buildings close to the sea that has a 15 year guarantee for both roofing and flashings.

If you have a roof leak on any roofing material in Island Bay call today for a fast response before walls and furniture are damaged. We repair roofs of different materials like galvanized iron, Zinc alume, colour steel, copper and aluminium.

We repair Butynol roofing, skylight flashings, ridging and roof valley flashings. We located window leaks and make window flashings in a variety of materials.

Island Bay Gutter Installation and Repairs

In addition to the above mentioned roofing services, we also provide gutter installation and repair. Guttering is of two types, namely, internal guttering and external guttering.

Internal guttering is not visible on the roof, it is concealed underneath or within the roof structure. It is important to install internal guttering carefully as poorly installed gutter can lead to blockage and flooding. It can damage the roof which will need a costly repair.

The external guttering is put up alongside the lower edge of the roof slope.

We install internal and external gutters and valleys. Most valleys are installed using coloursteel. We have annual roof maintenance plans before winter starts.

Spouting Installation and Repairs

We provide quality service for both commercial and residential spouting installations, repairs and replacements. Whether your spouting is damaged due to weather conditions or by its age, we will provide the best solution for you.

Southern Plumbing offer roof repairs throughout Island Bay, so if your house needs Island Bay roof repair then get in touch with us today. If you need roof replacement, roof restoration or re-roofing, our Island Bay roofing services are here when you need them  РCall 04 384 4635 now.