Miramar Gasfitters

Miramar Gasfitters

Our gas fitting services are available 24/7 for water heating, space heating, and cooking.

Our Gas Services: Rinnai-Infinity-VT26

Our Miramar Gasfitters install gas cooking, gas heaters, gas central heating, gas water heating, gas heater installation, continuous flow gas heater, etc. Our skilled gas fitters locate leaks, repair corroded pipes. install radiator systems.

Gas Flame effect gas fires for Wellington, gas fitters Miramar We repair and replace gas piping of all types and gas appliances such as gas water heaters and central heating units. We repair and install Rinnai Infinity gas water heaters replacing existing high or low pressure hot water cylinders. We specialize in installing gas hot water for continuous showers and businesses needing a lot of hot water where a hot water cylinders will not deliver enough.

Gas heating is very efficient and we recommend the Rinnai Energy Savers and flame effect gas fires. With electricity prices rising and gas prices being less than half that of electricity gas heating is good value.

If you want to avoid another line charge, LPG is good value particularly for gas stoves and hobs where we can put the bottle outside and the gas usage is small.

We recommend gas radiator heating for efficient home heating.

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