Gas Fitting Seatoun

Gas Fitting Seatoun Southern Plumbing
Seatoun has a higher corrosion risk as far as metal gas piping and appliances are concerned. We can install the new Rifeng Pex gas pipe which does not suffer from corrosion. For gas fitting Seatoun, call Southern Plumbing.

We have licensed gas fitters to undertake different gas fitting services for both domestic and commercial purposes. We offer a wide range of gas fitting services across Wellington.

Gas fitting services by Southern Plumbing include:

• Gas leak detection
• Gas appliance servicing
• Gas meter installation
• New gas connection
• Natural gas line installation
• Gas high pressure hot water cylinders
• Gas oven installation
• Gas hot water cylinder
• Locate gas leak
• Gas pipe fitting
• and more.

We are available on 24 hour basis, so you can call us during emergency hours. For gas fitting Seatoun, call now 04 380 9214.