Gas Fitting Lower Hutt

Gas Fitters Hutt Valley – Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt

If you’re looking for Gas fitting services in Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, then you are at the right place. We deliver a wide range of gasfitting services in the Hutt Valley and other parts of Wellington.

Emergency Gasfitters and Gas Fitting Lower Hutt Valley

Our expert gasfitters are available during odd hours of emergencies as well. Our team can attend to gas leaks and gas hot water cylinder or Rinnai Infinity repair or replacement.

Gas Fitting Lower Hutt Gas Flame effect gas fires for Wellington , Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt
We repair and replace the following –Gas storage water cylinders –

  • Rheem and Ruud tanks
  • Vulcan Free loader external tanks
  • Rheem Stellar external tanks.

Gas heating appliances –Central heating and gas fires

For those cold winter morning in the Hutt Valley you need a reliable gas heating system. Top of the list would be a Braemar warm air furnace with under floor ducting going to floor vents. Rooms can be grouped and zoned so the furnace is not heating rooms that are not needing heat. This reduces the running costs so the whole house is not heated.

Radiator Gas Heating

Another option is using hot water filled radiators. This method has been around for many years and not only uses convection but radiation of heat also. This means you can feel the heat emitting from the radiator. Radiator heating is very controllable. You can adjust each radiator to control the temperature in each room. Modern furnaces are condensing for maximum efficiency.

If you are going to install lots of gas fires consider central heating. If you install 4 gas fires you have reached the point it will be cheaper to use central heating. Central heating furnaces tend to me more efficient than gas fires.

  • Braemar
  • Vulcan
  • Rinnai gas flame effect gas fires
  • Compact II, Neo and Arriva
  • We install and service Rinnai Energy Saver gas heaters.

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