Chimney Removal Wellington

Are you looking for Chimney Removal in Wellington?

We are chimney removal experts in Wellington. We remove the debris and bricks, reinstate the roof. Some chimneys are gas flues discharging fumes from gas appliances. In this case we extend the flue in metal with a cowl at a lower position and patch the roof.

See below for estimates.

Chimney removal wellingtonIn addition to the services above, we provide brick, concrete, and concrete block chimney removal.

Why do you need a gasfitter to remove chimneys? If the chimney has a gas fire installed, it is a gas flue and needs gasfitter with a license to remove it.

Chimneys are high risk in earthquake if they are the old brick type.

Chimney Removal Process

We use scaffold for removing chimneys. Using a ladder to remove the chimney is not safe and it can also damage the roof . Also, the chimney is often too high, and too unstable, to get to the top of them with a ladder. According to regulations, all work must be done safely using fall protection. A ladder is not permitted to be used as a work platform. We recommend taking the chimney down to ceiling height at least, or mantel height preferably or right down to below the floor if you want to gain access to space. We can provide all kinds of roofing materials and tiles to cover the hole in the roof.

Removing the chimney to the ground

Removing the chimney below the floor enables recovery of floor space or turning the enclosure into a cupboard. We remove the cladding around chimneys in rooms and install new cladding over the exposed rear walls, arrange plastering and painting, new skirting and Scotia. Flooring will need patching and matching to its surrounding areas. Gas flue associated with the fireplace can be reinstated.

Chimney Removal Building Consent

People often ask us if chimney removal requires a building consent or not. There are certain chimney removal exemptions which are allowed by the Wellington City Council. You do not need a building consent for removing unreinforced masonry or concrete chimney removal in Wellington. It is also important to note that if your house is heritage listed or is within the area that requires building consent then you will need to get the building consent.

Some houses are based in historical areas and need a resource consent if it is historically listed. The chimney can be removed and a mock chimney can be put in place of it. We can put an identical or similar chimney also shorter if required. Buildings without a chimney are often warmer too. The Wellington City Council has a list of heritage listed buildings. If your building is not listed in that list then you probably don’t need any building consent for chimney removal.

Chimney Removal Process

  1. Carry out a hazard identification.
  2. Install scaffolding
  3. Protect the existing roof.
  4. Remove the concrete or brick to below the roof or all the way to the ground.
  5. Reinstate the roof hole after installing some structure.
  6. Reinstate the ceiling, walls, gibbing, plastering, painting.
  7. Reinstate the floor after fitting some supporting structure.
  8. Replace any gas appliance flues if required.

Pricing – estimated before viewing. October 2019

Single level remove chimney to below the roof including reinstatement. $ 5000

Single level remove chimney to ceiling height including roof reinstatement.$6,500 depends on the position of the chimney eg if need the edge of the roof its cheaper.

Double story Add $3000

Removing chimneys to the ground single level $10,000 to $12,000

Removing chimneys to the ground double story $15,000 to $25,000

Removing chimneys to the ground involves reinstatement of the roof, two ceilings, two floors often a large hole in the wall if on the outside wall including weather boards and all the support for those things e.g. gibbing of rooms plastering and painting. These are broad estimates.

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