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Central Heating Radiators Special Deal

Central Heating Radiators Winter Deal   Central Heating Radiators Special Deal Wellington

Central heating radiators are big in the UK and Europe. It has been slow to catch on here. Radiator prices have been falling, and it is more viable now. Of course, gas heating is often cheaper. If you already have gas, it is a great option. Heat pumps are difficult and expensive to put into each room. There is no returning duct to worry about and no loss of cupboard space or air noise.

Some advantages include it is easily controllable. Thermostats can be installed in each room. It is a great option if you have limited space under the house. Central heating radiators are very efficient. They can be easily serviced if required. There is no loss of cupboard space with warm air systems. Central heating systems have high-efficiency boilers to extract the most heat from the energy used.

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Southern Plumbing Wellington Winter Deal 2022


Southern Plumbing Wellington Winter Deal 2019

Winter Deal is 5 radiators on the same level with control valves up to 5m of gas pipe to the furnace internal only and good access under the house. Room thermostat can be installed in the hall. This would serve 3 bedrooms, a hall, and an average size lounge. Extra radiators and the electronic controller can be added for an extra charge. 5 Radiator option as above.

$14,500.00 including GST.

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Offer ends: 31st March 2022.