Samples Builders Reports in Wellington

Sample Builders Reports Wellington

The following sample builders reports are real property reports carried out by our team. Our reports include what is typically involved and reported on. Builders Reports are known by various names like builders report, building report, home inspection report, property report, vendor reports, etc. These reports inform you about the faults that are likely to be in the building prior to buying by trained professionals in their field.

These may not be visible to the builder or the property owner. For example, plumbing faults are more often reported by experienced plumbers. Same goes for gas fitting, drainage, roofing and electrical faults in a building.

Sample Builders Reports Wellington
Does your Under floor look like this? No Joke some do.

Each rephttps://www.southernplumbing.co.nz/roof-repairs-wellington/ort comes with a rough costing on the faults. These are typical examples of real reports. In many cases having this information leads to large reductions in price as you are able to negotiate the fault cost of the sale price. Its not uncommon to get 30k for a report costing 400-500. Take advantage of what an experienced eye can see.

Some key faults are Dux polybutylene, rot, borer, rusted roofing, bad piles, substandard extensions, home handy person repairs, sometimes dangerous gasfitting. And you will be paying to fix it all. Get a report and avoid the cost.

Sample Report 1 Wellington 

Sample Report 2 Wellington