Building Consent Problems?

Building Consent Problems

Facing building consent problems? Need the complete building consent in Wellington?

Building Consent Problems Southern Plumbing Wellington

If you have a partly completed building work and there is an outstanding building consent or the work is not up to standard, get in touch with Southern Plumbing. With experience of more than 30 years, Southern Plumbing has been providing successful building consent applications.

Your builder, plumber or drainlayer may have not finished the work or it has not passed the inspection. We can complete the work or get it up to the consent standard, tested and inspected. We can prepare building consent application and submit it.

There can be several building consent problems that might be delaying in receiving the building consent. Pipework needs pressure testing, in some cases wall linings need to come off to see pipe work, some may need change to follow the compliance code.

We prepare building consent plans and specifications, get certificates and arrange building inspections to get the work up to standard and completed. We will apply for Code Compliance Certificates and forward them on to you.

Often, the council loses the building consent record so the inspections needs redone. There is a possibility of some codes to change and some work may need upgrade to meet the new changes. For building consent non compliance issues in Wellington call us today.

Gas Safety Certificates

We can also provide gas safety certification for your property. We can check the gas installation and certify that it is safe. We can apply for gas safety certificates.

You can call us for resolving building consent problems or in getting a new building property report on 0800 484 353.