Body Corporate Reports

Body Corporate Management Requires Maintenance Plans Wellington

Body Corporate Management Requires Maintenance Plans

According to the Unit Titles Act 2010, Body Corporate Management requires a maintenance plan unless they opt out of one by law. We can prepare future maintenance plans and costings for Body Corporate as per the rules and regulations under the Unit Titles Act.

A simple plan and costing can be provided free on simple reports where the building is up to two stories in height. We can report the exterior cladding, plumbing, drainage, gas piping, roofing where these are easily visible. Larger buildings or Body Corporate requiring more in-depth reports can also out by us.

Our experts are well informed and experienced in preparing various Body Corporate maintenance reports.

Territorial Authority

We recommend the customer approaches the Territorial Authority and asks for the building folder containing the property history which includes previous building work information. There is no charge generally for this. This lists drainage plans and recent work, Building Permits and Consents, Completion Certificates and Code Compliance Certificates.

Lim Reports

LIM reports or “Land Information Memorandum” reports can be obtained by the customer from Territorial Authority. Customers are usually required to pay to obtain the LIM report. The LIM report lists information the Territorial Authority may have about the property. It sometimes takes longer to get the LIM report, thus we recommend that you should obtain it before contract deadlines close.

Do you need an engineer?

If we see an engineering problem, like a cracked retaining wall or a landslip, we will tell you we think it needs a specific engineer’s report. The cost is not included in the report, we will ask you before getting an engineer for this purpose.

What is an Engineer’s Report? An engineer’s report includes extensive information about structural items or geology. For example retaining walls, land subsidence, buildings over 3 levels high, structural failure to structural components other than timber.

Valuation Reports

We are not valuers and do not value properties. We always recommend the purchaser gets a valuation report from a licensed valuer.