Property Pre Purchase Reports Wellington

Property Pre Purchase Reports Wellington

Your Building Report

Looking forward to buy a new property? Get peace of mind before buying it 
We have undertaken building reports for many years of residential properties. We offer building property pre-purchase reports, maintenance reports and inspection reports in Wellington.
Buying a property without a property pre-purchase report is a risky job. You wouldn’t want to incur any high amount of damage in future. Getting a pre-purchase report is always better than regretting the loss later.
We begin property pre-purchase report with checking front gate, fences, grounds, retaining walls, and other exterior. After completion of the exterior, we investigate the interior of the building, under the floor and in the roof space. The report checks carpentry, structural parts of the building and all the sub trades such as painting, electrical, drainage, gas fitting, roofing, spouting, plumbing, etc.
The purpose of the report is to check any kind of fault present in the building before you buy it. We can provide engineer’s report on retaining walls over 1.5m high as well. The engineers fee is taken additionally.

Building Property Pre Purchase Reports Wellington

Why get building reports?

Building reports are a handy document for you to evaluate your prospective properties before you finalise and buy one. Pre-purchase building reports help in understanding the in-depth health of the property. Most customers request a report in order to avoid expenses that can occur after you have purchased the property. It also gathers information about the previous work that has taken place on the house and estimates future work that may need to be carried out.

Builders have been given license recently, prior to that anyone could build anything. Often people would carry out ‘home jobs’ and this resulted in building inspectors finding faults. New Zealand’s building industry is now standardised, which means that untrained repairs or work can be traced out in the building reports.

Building reports are also helpful when you plan to resell your property later on. Getting a building report before purchasing a new property will give you a benefit in long run. You can safeguard yourself from bargains when you plan to sell the property.

What the real estate agents say?

“The most thorough building report we have seen.”
“Speed up the sale as it removed doubts.”
“Did not dwell on the trivia as other reports do.”

Who does the report and what are their qualifications?

People usually have a misconception that a Builder’s report can only be carried out by ‘builders’. Builders generally look at the carpentry and cannot offer a professional opinion on other aspects such as plumbing and electrical. We have multi-skilled team of plumbers, gas fitters, electricians, etc., working for us. We cover all aspects of the building for the building report. The inspectors who undertake the reports are qualified and experienced in the sub trades.

Our team is licensed in various fields such as plumbing, electrical, drainage, gas fitting and more. We also have professionals in carpentry and building since January 1977.

What is not in the report

  1. Trivia
    If we leave out a spot of flaky paint or a crack in a light switch do not be alarmed, you can not go into a property bargaining situation with faults worth $50. If the crack is in a retaining wall or the roof is compromised, as they are both considered structural damage we will list those in the report and would even recommend an engineer if it is in a large structural wall.
  2. What we cannot see
    This report is based on what can be visually seen at the date of the report. No testing is carried out or wall linings removed. This report does not cover what is under ground. No outstanding legal or Local Authority matters are covered.
    The building is judged on the basis of the Acts, Regulations, by-laws and installation instructions that were in force at the time that the building was erected or services installed.

Not every fault will be listed if we believe it is of an insignificant nature. This report does not cover valuation, land surveying, land geology. This report is essentially a list of faults that can visibly be seen. There are faults that are not possible to see if it has been raining such as dampness outside. Our reports are done according the NZ Standard on Building Reports.

After the building inspection is done

We will call you to discuss the property and go over any problems found. We can further discuss solutions and other remarks. The report is emailed to you along with the invoice.

Are we a member of any building inspectors institute?

We rely on formal qualifications in licensed trades under an Act of Parliament.
We are an independent company and we do not see the need of belonging to an institute. These institutes allow to work for land agents. A land agent represents the seller and we choose to represent you. We also do not belong to an inspection institute which does not insist on formal qualifications.

In Summary

You will find our reports fair and just, they do not dwell on the trivial. We take the emotion out of the purchase of your home or building. Remember the agent is representing the seller and  not the buyer. Take care with what agents say and get a pre purchase building inspection report from an expert.