Blocked Drains Wellington

For blocked drains, Southern Plumbing uses different methods to unblock them. One of the methods to unblock drains is using CCTV camera inspection. Our team of experienced drain layers and CCTV technicians use cutting edge technology to have a better view of your drainage.

Blocked drains can be caused by various reasons, sometimes it is easier to find them and sometimes it is difficult to find them. Our expert team uses CCTV to find the unseen blocking problems.

In the video, you can see how our drainage experts are using CCTV camera inspection to inspect the drainage for blocked drains in Wellington. It gives you a clear idea of what is going on in the drainage system of your property.

Problems detected by CCTV camera inspection

  • Pipe cracks due to soil pressure
  • Broken drains
  • Drain leaks
  • Foreign object blocking the drain
  • Tree roots growing inside the drain and blocking the drainage
  • And more.

Based on the problems detected by the CCTV camera, we offer and choose the best solution to solve the problem and unblock drains. Every blocked drain problem is different and needs to be solved differently, we come up with a solution based on what our experts see in the CCTV inspection.

Blocked Drains Wellington CCTV camera inspection Southern Plumbing

Southern Plumbing is a certified drain laying company in Wellington. We have been offering unblocking services for blocked drains in Wellington for more than 35 years. You can also call us for:

  • Pre-purchase reports
  • Council reports
  • Annual inspection
  • And more services.

In addition to blocked drain services, we offer plumbing, gasfitting, electrical, and roofing services in Wellington. We are available on a 24 hours basis for all kinds of emergency call outs. You can call us for a free quote on 0800 484 353.