Benefits of gas water heating

Benefits of Gas Water Heating

Gas water heating has many benefits. Gas water heaters use natural gas or LPG, depending on your preferences. There are two major kinds of gas water heating systems:

  • Gas continuous flow
  • Gas hot water cylinder

Gas Water Heating Benefits

  • Easily installed.
  • Can be cheaper than electric water heater.
  • Gas continuous flow water heaters never run out, and there is no heat loss from stored water.
  • More energy efficient.


Rheem stellar 360 gas water heater wellington nz southern plumbing
Rheem stellar 360 gas water heater


Common Gas Hot Water Systems:

Vulcan Freeloader, Rinnai Infinity continuous Flow, Bosch Continuous Flow, Rheem Gas storage internal water heaters, Rheem Continuous Water heaters.

Rinnai infinity external gas continuous flow water heaters - benefits of gas water heating


Common Electric Water Heaters Being Replaced

Rheem Mains Pressure electric water heaters, Rheem Low Pressure Water heaters, Stanley Low pressure water heaters, Various makes of 135L and 180L low pressure water heaters.


Rheem low pressure water heaters


Common Replacement Gas Water Heaters

Rinnai XR Gas Continuous Flow Water Heater 20,22,24,26 litre water heaters, Rheem 27 litre Gas Continuous Flow water heaters. Models come in high efficiency, standard efficiency with internal and external variations.

Storage Gas Water Heaters – Rheem Stellar gas mains pressure water heater. Internal gas water heaters are often not installed due to the high cost of flueing and putting the water heater outside frees up space.

Controllers for gas water heaters can be added in the kitchen and bathroom for auto bath fill and temperature control in those rooms. If no controller is fitted, then the unit is automatically set to 55°C. If a controller is installed, some brands offer a better warranty than the others.


Advantages of External Gas Water Heaters

  • Frees up space inside the house for other things.
  • Safer than inside water heaters.
  • Smaller in size.
  • Gas water heating is better for the environment – less CO2 is discharged into the atmosphere.
  • Continuous Flow water heaters have endless amounts of hot water.
For gas water heater installation, maintenance and repairs, you can call Southern Plumbing on 0800 484 353. We undertake all kinds of heating system projects. Some gas water heater units require an electrical connection, Southern plumbing also offers electrical services in Wellington.