Toilet Suite Replacement  and Toilet Cisterns

Toilet Suite Replacement  and Toilet Cisterns Installation in WellingtonToilet Suite Replacement  and Toilet Cisterns

Toilet Suites

Replacing an existing toilet pan is a straight forward job usually. It is usually cheaper to replace with a new China suite which are close coupled than with the old plastic cisterns and pans. Sometimes it is important to check if it is a better idea to fix toilet pan or to replace toilet pan. If your toilet suite is old and has numerous problems then we recommend you to change the toilet suite.
The thing you have to watch is the set out from the wall as some are expensive to change. Yet there are plenty of pans with different set outs.
Look at some of the nice seats on some of the pans. Sometimes the colour of the cistern is not the same as the pan and the seats fall off. We can recommend a good toilet suite. The recommendations may differ depending on your budget.
China cistern and close coupled pan – $970.00 installed.
Plastic cisterns have gone the way of the dinosaur. Some are more expensive than toilet suites.
Price assumes this will attach to the existing 100 mm soil pipe and cistern. Does not cover wall hung installations.

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Please note that the prices mentioned are subject to change.

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