Shower Replacement in Wellington

Shower Replacement – the easy way

Old Seratone showers often rot and are dark and hard to clean.

You regularly see showers leaking in the corners. We are often called to reinstall other showers due to poor shower installations.

To replace an existing shower in the same location. This shower replacement often involves removal of the old tray, removal of wall linings, shower mixer and slide rail. Replacement of the  mixer will also result in a much better shower. We reline the walls with Aqua GIB which resists moisture and steam.

The floor is leveled so that the door and walls will fit perfectly square. The new shower tray is then attached to the existing waste if it is in a good condition. The wall linings are altered to allow the acrylic liner to fit inside the tray.
The acrylic liner is fitted and the door and glass walls are attached. The mixer face plate and rose are fitted. Sealants are placed outside the shower.
We choose certain mixers to over come  low water pressure issues.
There are lots of things we can do to overcome bad shower pressure.
We follow the shower pressure setup recommended by Wellington Master Plumbers.  We take care of the whole installation including any carpentry, plastering, painting and removal of all demolition materials to make shower replacement easy.

Replace White Acrylic Shower Enclosure From $4,870.00

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Shower replacement
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