Basin Replacement

Basin Replacement in Wellington

There are different types of basins. Wall basins, Pedestal Basins, Wall Hung Vanities, and Floor Mounted Vanities. Door types and Drawer Models. The most popular are those with a china top. We usually install vanities with a pop up waste. Free plugs are a thing of the past. We install a basin with a lever action tap of reasonable quality as it gets used a lot. You don’t want a cheap tap as its regular use will cause it to fail. Lever taps are much cheaper than the old style of two taps.

Most vanities are installed with drawers now and you can get a lot more storage in a drawer than you can in a cupboard. And the store items are easier to get access to.

Vanity or Basin?

Vanities are more common now as they include storage.

Basins are ok where there is some other means of storage. Wall hung vanities are also becoming more common as they make the bathroom look bigger. The waste pipe is in the wall and not in the floor so is not visible in the vanity also. For best access to stored items the drawer types are the best but a little more expensive, but worth it. There single and double drawer.

Basin Wellington York Wall Vanity White
York Wall Vanity White
Basin Wellington York Wall Vanity White Oak
York Wall Vanity White Oak
Basin Wellington York Wall Vanity Charcoal
York Charcoal Wall Vanity
Basin Wellington Toto Vales Pedestal 580mm
Toto Vales Pedestal 580mm

Pedestal Basin Installation

We are the basin and vanity replacement experts Wellington wide. Our professional and certified plumbers offer best plumbing services in Wellington. We are available for emergency services as well.

Price includes basin, Felton lever tap, installed in place of an existing basin or vanity connected to the existing waste and water pipes. The price does not include any painting or decorating.  Installed in same position. To shift the position we will need to see the job first.

Each installation comes with chrome waste standard type. We can install a pop up waste for a small amount extra.

The price does not include altering any pipes in the walls and is to be in the same position. The old basin and tap will be removed from the site.

We assume that we can turn the water off at this visit and you know where the water shuts off. Each installation gets a water proof white seal along the back to prevent water running down the and rotting the wall lining.

Vogue Vanity

Toilet Basin