Ann’s SPC Hybrid Flooring Installation

Stone polymer composite flooring or SPC flooring is becoming popular among homeowners in Wellington. As homeowners are trying to switch to eco-friendly products, SPC flooring is serving this go green purpose very well. Main components of SPC flooring are natural limestone powder and virgin PVC. These components are environment friendly, thus make SPC flooring eco-friendly as well. Stone polymer composite flooring is non-toxic as well. SPC flooring is also known as rigid vinyl flooring or rigid core flooring.

SPC flooring is a good alternative to other hardwood flooring, vinyl plank flooring, vinyl sheet flooring, and vinyl tiles. A good SPC flooring should be VOC free, waterproof, durable, fire resistant, etc.

Ann’s SPC Hybrid Flooring is easy to install. You can install Ann’s SPC flooring in any part of your house like bathroom, bedroom, lounge, kitchen, laundry room, etc. Ann’s luxury SPC hybrid flooring can also be installed in season homes. It is not recommended to install kitchen cabinets directly on Ann’s SPC flooring as it can cancel the guarantee. Ann’s SPC flooring is available in different patterns and designs. Ann’s SPC flooring uses lock system. It locks each flooring plank like a strong lockable puzzle piece.


Features of Ann's SPC Hybrid Flooring

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) free
Sound proof
High strength
Zero shrinkage
Kids friendly
Pets friendly
Suitable for underflooring heating

Ann’s SPC flooring has a lot of designs and colour options to choose from. You can install SPC flooring in all rooms in your house including wet rooms. It can also be installed on pre-existing hard surfaces. When installing Ann’s SPC flooring you may need to install moisture barrier. It is not required to installed moisture barrier but we recommend installing it. Ann’s SPC flooring does not require acclimation for installation.

Ann’s SPC hybrid flooring is a combination of both vinyl plank flooring and laminate flooring. Ann’s SPC hybrid flooring has passed many tests to be a safe and best flooring option for your home. It is resistant to fungi. It also has good thermal resistance. Ann’s SPC hybrid flooring planks are 7.5mm thick.

Stone Polymer Composite flooring has advantages over the other types of flooring. You can install laminate flooring, vinyl plank flooring, wood flooring, etc. Installing SPC hybrid flooring adds character to your house like wood flooring, but it has many benefits compared to wood flooring.

Southern can install hybrid flooring in your wet rooms like bathroom and laundry, bedroom, kitchen, family room, and more. Call us on 0800 484 353 for a free measuring price. In addition to flooring installation, we offer plumbing, gasfitting, roofing, drainage, solar power system, electrical, bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, gas appliance repairs, and more.

Ann's SPC Hybrid Flooring Installation