A Job has a Problem

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Call Us First as soon as possible

A job has a problem?

Should you have a problem with one of our jobs, or items that we have installed, please call us first. We will attend the adjustment promptly. The sooner you call us the sooner we can adjust it. In the interests of fairness, and in compliance with the  Consumer Guarantee Act, you should ask us to attend the fault first before contacting another firm if we have installed the product.

Our Warranty Process

  1. You call us to discuss a problem that may have arisen from the work we did.
  2. We book a time to send someone out, free of charge to check the work that we have done.
  3. If it is determined that the issue is covered under your warranty – we will fix the issue free of charge.
  4. If it is determined that the issue was not caused by any work that we have done – you will be charged for the repairs.

Please note that if you have supplied the product and the issue is caused by the product, we will refer you back to the manufacturers you purchased the product from. If it is a product that we have supplied, then we will contact the manufacturers and sort it out for you.


Customer Supplied Products

Often customers buy their own products and insist on us installing them.  If you supply the item, the guarantee sits with the supplier of the product. We advise checking the installation requirements of the product before buying it.

Sometimes price plays an important part in the purchase and not the installation requirements. It can lead to a more expensive installation. Contact us before buying anything as we can recommend an economical product. We can also get that product at a better price too.

For instance, some tapware needs high pressure and the customer’s plumbing system only has low pressure. During quoting there are somethings we check like the hot water system. We don’t do a water pressure test as we assume you have a minimum of 20kPa The tapware we select is capable of handling all pressures. The tapware you select may not be.

A Job has a Problem

Jobs Outside Compliance Codes and Manufacturer’s Instructions

Some jobs are more expensive to do correctly than to take shortcuts by installing the product to work differently. We install products by following the manufacturer’s instructions. We do not recommend changing installation from the manufacturer’s supplied instructions, as the materials often will not be covered under the manufacturers’ guarantee.


A building has no hot water, and it turns out to be a faulty thermostat. The previous thermostat is set to 87ºC, the correct setting is 60ºC, and the new thermostat is set there. The tenants complain the house often runs out of hot water. We are requested to turn up the temperature above the maximum for the cylinder of 70ºC. We cannot do this as the system has no tempering valve and someone could be scalded in which case we would be liable.

The user turns up the hot water temperature to 87ºC, this almost fixes the problem, but this will cause the tank to fail sooner than expected. There is also a problem of higher heat loss and therefore higher running costs.  The correct solution is a larger tank.

Another Example

The customer supplies a toilet suite. We provide a fixed price to install it, consisting of 3 hours of labour. When the toilet suite arrives on site, there is a problem with its colour. It is in two tones instead of one. The customer wants us to return it to their supplier. The new pan is installed and upon installing, the seat bolts snap with the slightest pressure. We search for some replacement bolts for an unknown brand, but no parts are available. The customer does not expect to be charged more for the extra work.

Our solution to this is that we recommend known brands, built to standards and where parts are available.

We suggest you consult our experts before buying any product on your own. This will help you in getting rid of the hassle later. It might also save you money as we might be able to get the recommended product at a lower price.

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